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Luo Group's Selected Publications

 “A schematic illustration and a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy image showing that nanometer-thick, sintering-aid-based, quasi-liquid, intergranular and surface films form at a thermodynamic equilibrium below the bulk solidus line in a pair of sintered particles,” from the cover of the August 2012 issue of JACerS. Credit: Luo and Fleck; Wiley.

See a feature article in Ceramic Tech Today written by Eileen De Guire and the related review article in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society [95: 2358 (2012)], titled “Developing Interfacial Phase Diagrams for Applications in Activated Sintering and Beyond: Current Status and Future Directions” 

Solid-state activated sintering is a well-known phenomenon, but its origin and mechanisms have puzzled the materials science community for more than 50 years. This cover article reviews our recent efforts in resolving this mystery.  We further purpose to develop grain boundary "phase" (complexion) diagrams as new materials science tool and (perhaps) a useful component for the "Materials Genome" Initiative.  

Invited Review Articles (Selected)

"Stabilization of Nanoscale Quasi-Liquid Interfacial Films in Inorganic Materials: A Review and Critical Assessment," J. Luo, Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, 32: 67-109 (2007) 

"Liquid-Like Interfacial Complexion: From Activated Sintering to Grain Boundary Diagrams," J. Luo, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 12: 81-88 (2008)  

"Wetting and Prewetting on Ceramic Surfaces," J. Luo and Y.-M. Chiang, Annual Review of Materials Research, 38: 227-249 (2008)   

"Long Range Interactions in Nanoscale Science," R. H. French, V. A. Parsegian, R. Rodgornik, R. F. Rajiter, A. Jagota, J. Luo, D. Asthagiri, M. K. Chaudhury, Y.-M. Chiang, S. Granick, S. Kalinin, M. Kardar, R. Kjellander, D. C. Langreth, J. Lewis, S. Lustig, D. Wesolowski, J. Wettlaufer, W.-Y. Ching, M. Finnis, F. Houlihan, O. A. von Lilienfeld, C. J. van Oss, and T. Zemb, Reviews of Modern Physics, 82: 1887-944 (2010) 

"Overview No. 152: Grain Boundary Complexions,"  P. R. Cantwell, M. Tang, S. J. Dillon, J. Luo, G. S. Rohrer, and M. P. Harmer, Acta Materialia, 62: 1-48 (2014) 

"Interfacial Engineering of Solid Electrolytes,"  J. Luo, Journal of Materiomics (the launching issue), 1: 22-32 (2015) 

Recent Research Publications (Selected) 

Flash Sintering:

 "Promoting the Flash Sintering of ZnO in Reduced Atmospheres to Achieve Nearly Full Densities at Furnace Temperatures of < 120 C," Y. Zhang and J. Luo, Scripta Materialia, 106: 26-29 (2015) 

"Thermal Runaway, Flash Sintering and Asymmetrical Microstructural Development of ZnO and ZnO-Bi2O3 under Direct Currents," Y. Zhang, J.-I. Jung, and J. Luo, Acta Materialia, 94: 87-100 (2015) 

Development of Grain Boundary "Phase" Diagrams:

"Developing Grain Boundary Diagrams for Multicomponent Alloys," N. Zhou and J. Luo, Acta Materialia, 91: 202-16 (2015) 

"Developing Grain Boundary Diagrams as a Materials Science Tool: A Case Study of Nickel-doped Molybdenum," X. Shi and J. Luo, Physical Review B, 84: 014105 (2011)    An Editors' Suggestion ("As a service to both our readers and authors, we list a small number of papers published in Physical Review B that the editors and referees find of particular interest, importance, or clarity. These Editors' Suggestion papers are marked with a special icon that contains the printer's mark that appeared on the covers of all sections of the Physical Review until about a decade ago.")

"Grain Boundary Complexions: The Interplay of Premetting, Prewetting and Multilayer Adsorption," J. Luo, Applied Physics Letters, 95: 071911 (2009)   

"Grain Boundary Disordering in Binary Alloys," J. Luo and X. Shi, Applied Physics Letters, 92: 101901 (2008)  

Liquid Metal Embrittlement and Corrosion:

"The Role of a Bilayer Interfacial Phase on Liquid Metal Embrittlement," J. Luo, H. Cheng, K. M. Asl, C.J. Kiely, and M.P. Harmer, Science, 333: 1730-1733 (2011)       Editor's Summary in "This Week in Science"      Clemson News Release 

"Effects on the Intergranular Liquid Bismuth Penetration in Polycrystalline Nickel," K. M. Asl and J. Luo, Acta Materialia, 60: 149-165 (2012)  

"Identification of a Bilayer Grain Boundary Complexion in Bi-doped Cu," A. Kundu, K. M. Asl, Y. Zhang, J. Luo, and M. P. Harmer, Scripta Materialia, 68: 146-149 (2013)

Nanoimprinting (Collaboration with Purdue):

H. Gao, Y. Hu, Y. Xuan, J. Li, Y. Yang, R.V. Martinez, C. Li, J. Luo, M. Qi,  G.J. Cheng, “Large Scale Nanoshaping of Ultrasmooth 3D Crystalline Metallic Structures”, Science, 346: 1352-1356 (2014)      Editor's Summary in "This Week in Science"      Purdue News Release      UCSD News Release  

Triple-Line Instability:

 "Observation of an Unusual Case of Triple-line Instability," Y. Zhang and J. Luo, Scripta Materialia, 88: 45-48 (2014) 

Experimental Studies of Grain Boundaries and Their Roles in Materials Fabrication/Properties:

"Decreasing the Grain Boundary Diffusivity in Binary Alloys with Increasing Temperature," X. Shi and J. Luo, Physical Review Letters, 105: 236102 (2010) 

"A Grain Boundary Phase Transition in Si-Au," S. Ma, K. M. Asl C. Tansarawiput, P.R. Cantwell, M. Qi, M. P. Harmer, and J. Luo, Scripta Materialia, 66: 203-206 (2012)   

"Grain Boundary Wetting and Prewetting in Ni-Doped Mo," X. Shi and J. Luo, Applied Physics Letters, 94: 251908 (2009) 

"Thin Intergranular Films and Solid-State Activated Sintering in Nickel-Doped Tungsten," V. K. Gupta, D. H. Yoon, H. M. Meyer III, and J. Luo, Acta Materialia, 55: 3131-3142 (2007)  

"Segregation-Induced Grain Boundary Premelting in Nickel-doped Tungsten," J. Luo, V. K. Gupta, D. H. Yoon, and H. M. Meyer III, Applied Physics Letters, 87: 231902 (2005)   

Stability of Nanocrystalline Alloys:

"Developing Thermodynamic Stability Diagrams for Equilibrium-Grain-Size Binary Alloys," N. Zhou and J. Luo, Materials Letters, 115: 268-71 (2014)  

Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes and Anodes:

"A Facile and Generic Method to Improve Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion batteries via Utilizing Nanoscale Surface Amorphous Films of Self-Regulating Thickness," J. Huang and J. Luo, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16: 7786-7798 (2014) 

"A Facile Nitridation Method to Improve the Rate Capability of TiO2 Nanoparticles for Lithium-Ion Batteries," M. Samiee and J. Luo, Journal of Power Sources, 245: 594-598 (2014) 

“Surface Adsorption and Disordering in LiFePO4 Based Battery Cathodes,” A. Kayyar, H. Qian, and J. Luo, Applied Physics Letters, 95: 211905 (2009)  

Catalysts and Photocatalysts (Surface Adsorption, Disordering and Nanoscale Films):

"Enhancing the visible-light photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by heat treatments in reducing environments," M. Samiee and J. Luo, Materials Letters, 98: 205-208 (2013) 

"Nanoscale Surficial Films and A Surface Transition in V2O5-TiO2-Based Ternary Oxide Systems," H. Qian and J. Luo, Acta Materialia, 56: 4702-4714 (2008)  

"Vanadia-Based Equilibrium-Thickness Amorphous Films on Anatase (101) Surfaces," H. Qian and J. Luo, Applied Physics Letters, 91: 061909 (2007)  

Other Ceramic Materials (Surface Adsorption, Disordering and Nanoscale Films):

"Anisotropic Wetting of ZnO by Bi2O3 with and without Nanometer-Thick Surficial Amorphous Films," H. Qian, J. Luo, and Y.-M. Chiang,  Acta Materialia, 56: 862-873 (2008) 

"Nanometer-Thick Surficial Films in Oxides as A Case of Prewetting," J. Luo, Y. -M, Chiang, and R. M. Cannon, Langmuir, 21: 7358-7365 (2005)  

Thermodynamic Models:

"Pressure-Balance and Diffuse-Interface Models for Surficial Amorphous Films," J. Luo, M. Tang, R. M. Cannon, W. C. Carter, and Y. -M, Chiang, Materials Science and Engineering A, 422: 19-28 (2006)    

Solution-Based Synthesis of Thin Films and Multilayers:

"Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Sol-Gel Oxide 'Glued' Montmorillonite-Zirconia Multilayers," H. Chen, G.P. Zhang, Z. Wei, K. M. Cooke and J. Luo, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20: 4925-36 (2010)  

"Solution-Based Synthesis of Oxide Thin Films via a Layer-by-Layer Deposition Method: Feasibility and a Phenomenological Film Growth Model," P. K. Arcot and J. Luo, Surface & Coatings Technology, 202: 2690-97 (2008) 

Optical Fibers:

"Modeling Dissimilar Optical Fiber Splices with Substantial Diffusion," J. Luo, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, 25: 3575-79 (2007)


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